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Pier30 Music Agency takes a global strategized approach towards sustainable progress and prosperity for our artists

Our approach is multi-faceted, working with others to achieve goals.  Our belief is that 'we work for the artist.'

Our collective knowledge, relationships, and contacts in the industry allow us to propel, sustain and elevate our artist's careers.  

We are friendly, efficient and transparent.  Pier30 is not a faceless corporation but a team of open-minded and committed professionals.


Pier30 Music Agency was founded by Rachel P. , an industry veteran who used her experience, education and networks to grow the company.

Since then, the team has grown to include several agents, promoters, and music business professionals.  Combining efforts, the Pier30 team is at the forefront of  booking, working with our exclusive artists on projects ranging in size from tour planning to support scheduling and everything in between.  

Originally based out of Asheville, NC, Pier30 Music Agency relocated its headquarters to downtown Nashville, Tennessee, in 2018.